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We present to your attention, five truly legendary slots from Microgaming, which have past the main bonus games, and also secret bonus games. Of course, the reality is that at the moment, in numerous online casinos, there is just a huge number of various slots from different manufacturers. Which in their composition have not one bonus game, but several at once. But, in most cases, these additional bonus games do not represent anything special, since, just like in the main bonus game, to launch them, you need to catch certain symbols in order for the game to start.

And specifically, Microgaming first applied to its some bonuses in slots, 100% random. Because their loss does not depend on anything at all. No symbols, factors, or any other points affect it. The slot itself decides when it is for him to give the player his additional, secret bonus!

Moreover, unlike most of the additional bonuses of other slot manufacturers, which are completely ordinary, precisely in terms of their return in the bonus, because they almost completely correspond to returns in their main bonus, Microgaming made its secret bonuses very generous (of course, if the slot is on recoil and a secret bonus will win). It is in them that the player gets the opportunity to win immediately from x1000 of his bet and more.

Top 5 Microgaming Slots

  1. Immortal Romance
Immortal Romance slot

A faithful romance of vampires and people! Completely in random order, in any game spin, the reels start spinning without stopping, and the upper part of the slots is filled with “blood”, after which a bloody drop appears on one of the five reels, which covers the entire reel on which it accordingly fell out. Then, the entire drum turns into a bloody Wild symbol. Further, either the reels stop, calculating the win and the game goes back to normal mode, or the reels continue to spin and the next bloody drop appears, already on another reel. In this secret bonus, you can catch from one to five drops. The more drops (the “Wild” symbol) falls out to the player, the greater the gain. In practice, we can say that even three successfully dropped drops next to each other give the player a win in the amount of x500 and higher. Four drops, already guarantee from x2000-x3000, you should not talk about five drops, this is very, very much!

  1. Terminator 2
Terminator 2 slot

If you do not take into account that this slot was made according to one of the cult films of all time, it turned out to be not particularly remarkable. Because, to catch at least some significant gain on it, it is extremely rare. The game on the lines puts little, in fact, like the bonus game. The highlight of it is that sometimes, in a completely random way, when a bonus game falls out, the so-called “Hot mode” is launched in other words, an improved version of the standard bonus game. And then, you can expect a very large gain. Usually from x300-x500, no less.

  1. Thunderstruck 2
Thunderstruck 2 slot

In its structure of the game and payments, it reminds Immortal Romance, but in this slot we are talking about the gods of Asgard. Quite by accident, the drums start spinning non-stop, it rains on the screen and lightning rattles. And the god Thor, who appeared, beats one of the drums with lightning, turning it completely into the symbol “Wild”. Thor can strike with lightning on all five reels or only one at a time, then how lucky. But, even three reels struck by lightning and standing next to each other guarantee a gain of x300 and higher.

  1. Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays slot

An interesting New Year’s slot, it acts like a Terminator 2 slot. In any bonus game, “Hot mode” can start. When this happens, the screen is covered with ice and a big gain is secured. The usual minimum win, with this secret bonus, is from x200-x300.

  1. The Finer Reels Of Life
The Finer Reels Of Life Slot

For players, this slot is known as just Champagne or Cork. Just like in all the other slots listed above, in any of the spins, champagne bottles may appear at the bottom of the screen, one for each drum. Then the bottles will open, or rather from each bottle, a cork flies, which turns one drum into the symbols “Wild”. Only one bottle may open, or maybe all five.

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