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With the development of information technologies, data transmission facilities, the opportunities that have emerged thanks to the Internet, we can see and transmit images over huge distances in real time. This opportunity is actively used in modern online casinos. With the introduction of this technology, gambling has become even more interesting and exciting. You are not playing with a computer, but with a live dealer and real players at the table. Participate in tournaments with other players, and thanks to webcams, you can see the whole game and make real bets at a real table.

Playing with a “live dealer” gives a full effect of presence and the feeling that you are in a real casino. How it’s done? An online casino (usually large and serious, with sufficient resources for this) organizes a studio or several, equipped in the same style as the main casino site, equips it with webcams that transmit images in real time. In the studio there is a real person, a dealer, a croupier, who plays on the side of the casino, plays the game and announces the results. A real person is playing with you in real time. He sees your bets on the appropriate screen and announces the result of the set. You can chat with each other, chat about the progress of the game with everyone at the table. You are in a real casino. Games for casinos with real, live dealers are developed by the world’s major companies Microgaming, Playtech and others engaged in gambling software.

Roulette with “live dealer”

Playing online roulette with a live dealer should not be confused with a video game. In a game with a live dealer, everything happens for real: players from all over the world place their bets, and the croupier really starts the reel. Live dealer roulette is the most popular entertainment in almost all online casinos. As a rule, the croupier is chosen an attractive girl who professionally fulfills her duties. You can leave her a reward if you like her work. Live dealer roulette is the main type of European roulette, a classic version with its own rules. The player can place bets on numbers, sectors, on “neighbors”, on columns, dozens, even or odd, red or black, big or small bets.

To calculate the winnings, there is a certain tariff scale, according to which payments are made. The croupier cannot transfer the winnings to the player, unlike a regular casino – technologies have not yet reached this point. The winnings are automatically transferred to the player’s account. The responsibilities of an online casino dealer are less than their counterparts from a real casino; he just has to launch a game ball. If you want to play roulette with a live dealer, choose a casino, choose a gaming table, choose chips of the required denomination and place bets by clicking on the number you like and join the game. In large casinos, the game is played almost non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that the player can have fun with roulette with a live dealer at any time of the day or night.

Live Dealer Blackjack

You can play with a live dealer in modern online casinos in addition to roulette and in some card games. For example – this is a game of online blackjack or 21. The goal of this card game is not to score 21 points, as some players mistakenly believe, but to beat the dealer. The dealer is a live person who is in the casino studio, controls the game: he deals cards to the players and himself, announces the amount of points scored and controls the game. Each card in the deck has its own denomination (except for aces, the “price” of points for which can change), cards from 2 to 10 have a denomination of up to 10; pictures – jacks, queens, kings and aces – have their own denominations.

The game can be played on several decks in different versions. Blackjack has its own terms – “shoes”, shuffles, tracking, chips and so on. A blackjack combination is a combination of cards that gives a total of 21 points. If the dealer and the player score an equal number of points, in some casinos the player is awarded the prize. This combination is called “stay” or “push” (from the English “stay”). Different versions of the game have their own rules and nuances, but in general blackjack is quite standard. If the player gains 21 points, he wins and his winnings in the ratio of 3 to 2 are transferred to his account. A player can place a bet on the playing field, he chooses a chip of the selected denomination and places it on a certain cell of the playing field. This is the rate, which can increase significantly after calculating the rate tables.

Poker players are not happy with “live dealers”

The positive difference of playing poker with a live dealer, it would seem, should be again the effect of the presence of a live game. Perhaps some players like that the cards are dealt not by a computer, a random number generator, but by a person. Just like in a real casino, in online poker dealers act as game managers and are as formal and detached as possible. They are all professionals and it is pleasant to communicate with them. In poker rooms, programs created specifically for this, you play in real time with real players. The second option is that you can play against the casino, playing against the dealer, or against the computer, in other words. Video cameras are installed in the gambling hall of the casino, which broadcast the game.

It would seem that such innovations and opportunities should please a huge army of poker fans and attract new ones, but in reality everything turned out to be not so simple. As an analysis of the current situation in this gambling sector shows, live poker dealers are not as popular as roulette or blackjack. And in fact, there are very few companies on the Internet that offer this service in poker. As a rule, these are the same companies or bookmakers that already have live dealers dealing with roulette, blackjack or betting. And this seemingly interesting option did not attract poker fans to the Internet at all. Even a person is not enough for them, but on the other side of the screen; apparently, they appreciate the atmosphere of a real game, and this prejudice was impossible to dispel. So, live dealers in poker communities and serious poker rooms are not in demand, and this situation is unlikely to change in the near future.

Nevertheless, the appearance of real dealers in online casinos became a real sensation. Now a real dealer is one of the most popular and popular services. Some large online casinos have a whole staff of “live dealers”, “corporate” form. More often they are just charming girls who are pleasant to look at. The quality of video broadcasting is constantly improving, new opportunities appear: for example, recently dealers can enter into a dialogue with players. In general, this direction turned out to be very interesting. Software developers don’t stop there; they are constantly looking for and suggesting new ideas to fans of online gambling.

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